Themed Entertainer - Kevin Burke

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Themed Entertainer
Jestering, Circus Ringmaster, Outdoor Events, Circus Workshops, Stilt Walking
Themed Entertainer
In any of his guises, Kevin can perform as walkabout entertainer, static shows, or a mixture of the two. And always remember  - his sole purpose is to add a special sparkle to your event and ensure that everyone who attends will have the best of times:

  • Pirate
  • Victorian Magician
  • Circus Ringmaster
  • Wizard
  • Jester
  • Circus Workshops

Kevin is a proud member of Equity.
The perfect antidote to the workaday world as Kevin dons the motley and capers about in true medieval style!

Kevin has worked as a Jester character since 1990 when he first donned the cap and bells for “The Sheriff of Nottingham's Medieval Banquet”. Since then he has performed at medieval events all over the country. He has been one of the regular jesters at Warwick Castle, and from 2004-2015 was the official jester to the town and county of Northampton. He has also regularly appeared as jester at Rockingham Castle.
“Walkabout” or “mix and mingle” Jestering can include juggling, stiltwalking, magic, or just general buffoonery. Or why not try Kevin's "Cheating the Hangman" show featuring a 10 foot high Gallows – Medieval entertainment at its best!
Secret Circus
The catch-all title for Kevin’s Circus Workshops, which work with schools, organisations, and corporate events not only to teach the skills themselves, but also to increase co-operation and team building amongst groups. A chance to “have a go” at a variety of circus skills which may or may not lead to a performance/demonstration for friends, family or colleagues of newly acquired skills and abilities. (Not to mention that it’s also a whole lot of fun!)
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